Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jed's Reality

15th June 2010

Hi there,

The update so that my phone silences...

Dr Reynders told us that we have days with Jed - the cancer is very aggressive and almost at full size. My baby is suddenly weak, he can't really walk and the pain is setting in... but he is playing in true Jed style.....

Our time with him is precious so I will not be taking calls to chat and repeat myself.

We are seeing a surgeon to discuss the possibility of taking the tumor out to relieve the pressure to avoid pain for Jed. He is reluctant to operate as the
wall around the tumor is hard due to the two previous operations in the same location. South Africa has a proton radiation and if I find it this will also make Jeddy be more comfortable during this time. Please feel free to donate to this if you feel you would like to.....

We do not want new visitors at this time as we don't want to entertain anyone and to be honest this is our family time. I will do all I can to ensure Jed does not suffer and that if this is God's will then I pray he directs us and gives us the medication required.

How am I???? Well I broken to the core - there are honestly no words to describe this pain - death for me would be a pleasant and welcome experience. I picture not seeing Jed in his school uniform and never seeing that little tooth growing in his mouth - I think of sleeping without him in my arms and I know that I couldn't do it.... so on the how am I... I am currently strong for my son whilst shattered as NOW this is about Jed and not me.... or Ray or his precious Gwannies..... we all need to be strong for MY SON. My precious beautiful wonderful son!

Jed's bank account details to assist with care during this time.

First National BankAccount No: 62218655184Branch: GreenstoneBranch code: 201510Acc Name: Jed SucklingReference: Your name or if you prefer anonymousSwift Code: FirNZAJJA 188

Bonni - always Jed's mom


  1. Bon i pray god grants you and your family the strength to get throught this trying time in your lives, i also pray for Jed, and that he doesnt have any pain!!! My thoughts and prayers are with u always xxxxx

  2. Oh Bonni, I simply cannot even begin to imagine or understand the pain you are going through. I am so so so incredibly sorry that your journey has to be so very challenging. I wish there was something I could say to make it better. Bonni, please know that you and Jed and your family are in my thoughts and I pray that God will help you through this time, to give you all the strength and comfort that you need!

    Lea White
    New Zealand

  3. Bonnie, my heart is utterly and completely broken for you and for me!! I wished this day would never come for you...please know that I understand and that you're not alone...I so badly want to call you even if to just leave you a msg as this just doesn't feel like enough...I want you to hear the truth behind my voice when I say I'm with you...yesterday, the days before, today and always...from across far too many miles to count I'm hugging you with all of my might!!!!!!!!!

    Love you darling..
    Angel Davids Mommy(Sandra).. Forever
    Pilomyxoid astrocytoma victim

  4. KNOW that our prayers will continue for you all Bonnie. We specifically pray for a healing miracle in beautiful Jed. May you feel God's merciful strength, love, peace, light and acceptance flow throughout you and KNOW that He will carry you all, THAT IS HIS promise ! As humans, we sometimes cannot begin to understand God's ways, but His plan for each one of us is perfect, according to His will. Bonnie, Ray and Gwannies, be strong in His promises, and beautiful little Jed, KNOW that Jesus loves you immeasurably, as well as your inspirational family and all the friends who have been faithfully following your journey. God bless you all and may He with you always.
    In love and prayers,
    Bev Bourne (Mom to Samm Higgins and Nanna to Deqlan)

  5. Sending you all our love , all our prayers, all our support . Lord Jesus, please put Your Healing Hands on Jed , please lift this entire family up in Your loving care. God Bless, all ou rlove and prayers Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

  6. It is so heartbreaking! God will give you all the strength you need! Never loose faith, He will always be there, when you feel weak, He will carry you.

  7. Hi Bonni
    Just a little prayer for Jed....tell me, who is his favourite soccer player or team?

  8. Hi Bonni

    My name is Roshni...I have been following Jeds story for a while, and have had him in my prayers. I cannot begin to imagine, what you are going through. Just remember, you are not alone, we are all praying for Jed. Please dont ever give up, Jed is a fighter, I know the Lord has more plans for him. My heart just breaks to think of what he is going through. I pray the Lord keeps him safe...In the Lord we Trust.The unexpected kindness from an unexpected place...A little note to say I care...

    a hand outstretched in friendship,

    a smile on someone’s face,

    a word of understanding spoken in an hour of trial

    are unexpected miracles that make life more worthwhile-

    we know not how it happened

    that in an hour of need

    somebody out of nowhere proved to be a friend indeed-

    for God has many messengers we fail to recognize

    but He sends them when we need them

    for His ways are wondrous wise!

    So keep looking for an “Angel”

    and keep listening to hear-

    for on life’s busy crowded streets

    you will find God’s presence near.

  9. bonnie could you set up a pay pal account as i think people would use it more love to you and jed i pray for you both all the time big cuddles and kisses to my brave boy jed xxxxxx kate cubitt