Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Latest MRI results

14th September 2010

Hi there,

Jed's MRI results are stable. Our last MRI was 20 July 2010 and there is no change since then. We pray that the surgeon got the entire tumor out and that the temodar (chemo) is working to mop up any left over cells.

The results still need to be reviewed by the neuro surgeon but according to the radiologists review my son's cancer is stable - thank you Lord God and thank you each person who has stood by us today and prayed with us.

Ray and I have discussed doing another scan in 2 months but will continue to take it day by day. The CSF leak was very evident on the scan and whilst it looks rather shocking on the image it is causing NO discomfort to Jed.

Jed's spine remains clear of any drop mets!!!! AMEN!

In God we Trust.

Thanking God for healing my baby.

Love and hugs


Jed's mommy