Wednesday, December 2, 2009

MRI tomorrow

1st December 2009

Hi guys,

Firstly stop what you are doing as I'm sure most of you will read this around 8am tomorrow and at that time Jed will be having his MRI - this MRI will determine if the Carbo/Vinc chemo is keeping his tumour stable (although we pray for shrinkage or a total disappearance). Ray and I are both very nervous for this one.... I'm scared because of the "break" in treatment when Jed's appendix burst HOWEVER we need to keep our thoughts, minds and hearts positive... we need to believe and focus on a positive outcome for this MRI. Jed is healed!!!!! (say it over and over)

And as for this past week.....

Shoe wee this has been an awful week. We lost Christopher Beets and Rene - I don't have words to express the pain I feel. Rene's death has hit me really hard. I have not been able to scrapbook for "her" since I heard. Irma and Jan are very heart sore as are all the staff and friends/family at Unitas. These people/children become family. We share our "home" away from "home" and when one child goes it is like another chip off your already smashed heart. I don't know how I'm going to walk past room 9 and not think of Rene.... I don't know how I'm going to cope without Irma's company. Oom Jan's "melk coffee" will no longer be my hospital treat.... I feel so heartsore. Rene was given 3 months to live 9 years ago.... a true fighter..... I'm gonna miss her so much, my eyes are sore from sobbing.... (alone in the bath or early hours in the morning)!

Bob (Ray's mom's boyfriend) is loosing the fight to cancer.... the suffering is beyond torture and I pray the Lord takes him tonight....

As for my other family drama of this week.... no comment other than.... ma it is nice to have you with us, you are a blessing - please stick around and remember I love you and need you so much!!

Nothing else for now, just keep those positive prayers coming through today, pray that Jed's mommy and daddy get through the long long long hours waiting for the results.

Love and hugs
Bon, Ray, Jed and Vusi
2nd December 2009
Hi everyone,

MRI scan is done.

The tumour is stable - in other words there is no change. The doctor noted some enhancement but this could just be a little of the contrast hi lighting in the damaged (surgery and radiation) area of the cerebellar (back of the brain).... so how do I feel; thankful, blessed and smiling knowing that for another 3 months we can rest knowing that the chemo is keeping this bast*rd still....

We continue to believe that our miracle is around the corner and that one day we will stop chemo and live a normal life... but until then, we keep praying, we keep thanking God for another day, another week, another Christmas..... I will meet with Dr Weinberg and discuss the scan in more detail - I may include Dr Snyckers if I feel I need further explanations or options.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for my baby..... Ray, Vusi and I are so thankful for the love and overwhelming support.

Becks, I'm dancing and feeling happy - and still plodding in normal mode (shock!)

On Friday I will attend Rene's funeral - pray for Irma and Jan..... this is going to be a difficult day for all of us! I feel that she may be chatting to the Lord and handing out firm instructions for miracles from heaven.... I missed her so much today!