Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update with Newspaper article

11th August 2010

Hi there,

Been a while since I updated my special Jed10 supporters.

Jed is doing well. He finished his first round of temador trial chemo on the 26th of July so we start the next round in 23 days time. He tolerated the chemo so well and even his blood results were outstanding (just below the normal ranges)

We sent all the tumor slides (samples of the "monster" removed in his latest surgery) to the US for them to review and confirm that they agree with the SA team's pathology. I have heard back from them; they do NOT agree that Jed has a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma but it is some form of Astrocytoma. The chemo we are using at the moment is for all types of Astrocytomas and we are positive that the growth is an astrocytoma due to the star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes.

Jed's tumor changed from a Pilocystic Astrocytoma to a Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma from grade 1 to grade 3 - my understanding is that with chemo and radiation treatment the tumor's get more aggressive. I pray that this is not the case with our boy once again! I'm feeling confident with the team in the US. I believe they will come back to me with confirmation by early next week. Thank you to the DHL team who have ensured that the samples arrive safely. The lastest shipment left last night and contains all the tissue samples taken from Jed during all 3 his brain surgeries. See attached article published in our local newspaper.

The CSF leak is the same size maybe a little bigger than a few weeks ago but I am not overly concerned as Jed is doing well in his physical functioning which indicates no pressure on the brain.

My prayer requests

That the tissue samples arrive safely in the US
The US team confirm that the cancer is treatable and recommend a chemo treatment that is effective
and that by the mercy of God the surgeon removed the entire tumor - this remains our prayer!!! Jed is healed, Jed is healed, Jed is healed.....

Thank you to everyone for your messages of support and love, I often feel that some may be bored with the ongoing drama of my life so when I get a message, a mail or a letter my heart rejoices! This is the hardest experience of my life and I appreciate each one of you so much.

In God we Trust!

Love and hugs
Bon x


  1. Praying hard, as ever. Thanks for the update, Bon. :-)

  2. Always in my thoughts and prayers; take care

    New Zealand

  3. lots and lots of prayers continue always for Jed10 and for you and Ray to Bonni! God Bless love Samm Mark Deqlan Logan

  4. Never bored, just know that so many folk are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, even tho we don't know you, your hubby and little Jed personally. Please keep us posted often on how he helps with constructive prayer and action! Blessings

  5. Been following your story via Belinda, and check every day for your news:)
    Keep your precious Jed in my prayers and admire your tenacity.
    Fond Regards

  6. i was looking up an old friend by name of jed on the internet and happened on your incredible blog. i have a boy 5 and girl 3.5 and i just am beside my self with awe for your strength and honesty. i don't pray, it's just not the kind of spirituality that we have, but i am thinking about you deeply and am going to send a link to all my mom friends, so that we can gain some perspective and learn from you. Great good luck and strength... with love, Jessica in the US

  7. If GOd brings you to it , He will take you through it. Our prayers are with thoriugh all of this.

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with your family! Please don't think that your writing is the least bit boring or think it's drama! It's your real life situation and there's nothing wrong with what you're doing! I give you a lot of credit.